Tree of life Sterling Silver Ring size 6 7 8 9

Tree of life Sterling Silver Ring size 6 7 8 9
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Sterling Silver Tree of life Ring size 6 7 8 9
light weight
sterling Silver
approx 20mm diameter circle
The bearer of food, shelter and fuel, the Tree of Life is the revered source of much that we require to sustain. With its branches reaching high into the heavens and its roots settled deep in the earth, the Tree of Life bridges the gap between day and night, and this life and the next. All of these aspects make it a powerful symbol for the provider, helping you when you are work, or a little more energy to get through your trials in providing for those you care for .

The Irish Druids believed the Sacred Tree had the power to reveal messages from the gods, and the ancient Celts believed all living things were spiritual, mystical beings, not just inanimate objects to be exploited. They believed trees in particular were a source of great wisdom with the power to bridge the gap between the upper and lower worlds and bring blessings from the gods.

The Tree of Life symbolizes interconnection, wisdom, and hope. A concept that figures in many different religions, mythologies, and philosophies.

The Tree of Life is also referred to as the World Tree, the Sacred Tree, the Cosmic Tree, and by specific names such as Yggdrasil (Norse), and Etz Chaim (Hebrew).

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