POISON POTION LOCKET keepsake box RING STERLING SILVER Moonstone size 6 ( L ) size 8 ( P ), Garnet size 7 ( O ), Amethyst size 8 ( Q ), Onyx size 7 ( N ) Peridot size 6 ( L )

POISON POTION LOCKET keepsake box RING STERLING SILVER Moonstone size 6 ( L ) size 8 ( P ), Garnet size 7 ( O ), Amethyst size 8 ( Q ), Onyx size 7 ( N ) Peridot size 6 ( L )

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POISON POTION LOCKET keepsake box RING STERLING SILVER Moonstone size 6 ( L )  size 8 ( P ), Garnet size 7 ( O ), Amethyst size 8 ( Q ), Onyx size 7 ( N ) Peridot size 6 ( L )

925 sterling silver poison locket ring with ornate design. This poison ring Oval shaped box has one  oval stone in the center.

Poison locket rings have a lid that you can open to reveal a little secret compartment. Use them for storing pills, medicines, locks of hair, ashes of a loved one, and other tiny treasures.

Handmade, Sterling Silver  Poison Locket Ring , a fabulous handmade vintage look ring, marked 925.

Excellent vintage look sterling silver ring, handmade in Bali, set with a natural  stone. Beautiful filigree work and accents along with handmade clasp & hinge. New and unworn condition.

These solid 925 sterling silver poison locket rings are very popular  ( more designs coming soon). Poison locket rings can be used to store pills, tablets, ashes of a loved one, and other precious items.

Most people believe that poison rings were the invention of assassins and jealous spouses, intended only as a rather fashionable means of secreting poison into the
drinks of their helpless victims. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Poison rings along with lockets and other vessel jewelry originated in India and the Far East. As the art of metalworking advanced such jewelry was a natural
replacement for the bags and pouches people had worn in ancient times to secure special and valuable objects. Also known as locket or box rings, examples of
poison rings can be found throughout Asia, Russia, the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Historians believe that poison rings found their way to Western Europe during the early Middle Ages as part of the Holy Relic trade. These much sought after bits of
bone, teeth or hair, were believed to be actual parts of Christian Saints or Martyrs and so were thought to grant the owner special connection with God as well as
protection from illness and bad luck. Although the majority of the Holy Relics were hoarded in chapels and churches throughout Europe many lesser relics were
embedded in wax and set inside locket rings, making them perfect for everyday wear. What could be more useful than a relic close at hand?

During the Renaissance poison rings became popular among the European aristocracy. Like lockets they were given as love tokens and used to store images
of loved ones, locks of hair and other cherished keepsakes. Until the advent of photography such images were hand painted miniatures and only affordable by the
extremely wealthy. Perhaps the most morbid use of poison rings arose during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Jewelers started making coffin shaped locket rings
complete with skeletons and images of Death. Called funeral rings, they were given to mourners as a memento of the departed.

Up through the 19th century finely made poison rings were prized for their beauty and collected as curiosities. However, cheaper poison rings soon began to be
produced. Cast out of pewter, brass, copper and most recently plastic, they became sort of the ultimate party favor and were given out at carnivals, birthday
parties and other special events.

Today poison rings are back in vogue, particularly amongst jewelry collectors and enthusiasts. What could be more delightful than a ring with a secret?

each of these rings has a stone with its own meaning ( what you see pictured is what you get, there is only one of each)

Moonstone , Happiness ,  Good fortune ,  Nurturing ,  Mothering ,  Unselfishness ,  Humanitarian ,  Love , Hope ,  Spiritual insight ,  Easy childbirth ,  Safe travel ,  New beginnings ,  Abundance ,  Ancient wisdom  It soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilises the emotions, providing calmness

Amethyst,  Amethyst is a powerful aid to creative thinking, spiritual awareness and healing. It is believed to ease headaches, relieve pain and help combat insomnia

Black Onyx,”The stone of self mastery or self control”vigor, strength, stamina, constancy, steadfastness, permanence , tenacity, firmness, durability, courage, and self-control.

Peridot , Peridot is a protecting and cleansing stone. Its clear fresh energy rejuvenates the whole body and it is believed to enhance confidence and assertiveness.

Garnet, Garnet is the stone of Health and Life Force. It is linked to an enhanced love life, good health and vitality. It is a useful stone to have in a crisis

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