Pentagram Sterling silver pendant pentacle

Pentagram Sterling silver pendant pentacle

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Sterling Silver Pentagram pendant pentacle

25mm in diameter X 30mm including bale
Sterling silver

The Pentacle is a powerful symbol of protection against evil forces and has been used in many cultures throughout history. Its earliest known use was in Ancient Mesopotamia around 3500BC. The Pentacle represents the power of Spirit over matter.

Below is some of the traditional symbology of the pentacle:

EARTH: (lower left hand corner) symbolizes physical strength and endurance

FIRE: (lower right hand corner) symbolizes valiance and fearlessness

WATER: (upper right hand corner) symbolizes clairvoyance and the feelings

AIR: (upper left hand corner) symbolizes creativity and intelligence

SPIRIT: (uppermost point) symbolizes Omnipotent Divinity

The circle around the Pentacle contains and protects

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