Lisa Parker Sterling silver Celtic Crescent Moon Hare Pentagram Wicca EARRINGS

Lisa Parker Sterling silver Celtic Crescent Moon Hare Pentagram Wicca EARRINGS

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Lisa Parker Sterling silver Celtic Crescent Moon Hare Pentagram Wicca EARRINGS

This is an absolutely stunning, delightful and very unusual earring set depicting a hare gazing upwards, as if towards the moon, and a crescent moon with a Celtic Knotwork design in solid, polished 925 Silver. The moon is inset with the symbol of the Pentagram, surrounded by a circle.

These earrings are  beautifully made and finished.

The Spirit of Hare beckons you down a mysterious path. Sacred to the Moon, the Hare embodies intuition, transformation, adaptability and secret knowledge. The Hare can also symbolize inspiration and/or lunacy.

The Hare travels between spirit realms, changing shape as need arises. Hare’s limber grace lets you move safely in strange or chaotic environments, and through different social or spiritual realms, gaining valuable insight and wisdom from each one.

The Spirit of Hare can indicate a leap of faith or a lucky coincidence. Serendipity is working in your favor. Intuition and feelings are usually accurate. Ideas formed under Hare energy may seem crazy to those who lack the same scope of vision. A sign of fertility and abundance, the Hare is associated with the March Equinox. Hare energy can enhance your psychic sensitivity, creativity and sexual vitality.

Although the hare is considered unlucky by some, it is a particularly sacred animal to witches, and those who follow the old Pagan path. It is closely associated with the Moon (one of the most important Goddess symbols) in several cultures.

Whether you are a follower of the ‘Old Ways’ or not, this pendant is a powerful symbol of Light and a talisman of protection. The Pentagram, or five-pointed star holds great and ancient significance. It was used in very ancient times, and was the badge of the followers of Pythagoras, possibly because its proportions contain the mathematical ‘golden section’ still used today by artists and architects. It represents the five elements of magick used in the Western occult tradition – the material elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water ruled over by Spirit, the topmost point of the star.

Because Silver is found in its pure form, it was one of the first metals to be used by humans. Its beauty and scarcity have caused it to be fashioned into divine images and offering pieces for many centuries.

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