NORDIC LIGHTS collection CELTIC PENTAGRAM pendant for Success and Willpower

NORDIC LIGHTS collection CELTIC PENTAGRAM pendant for Success and Willpower
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Success, Will Power, Nordic Lights
For a mystic or magician, there is no more iconic a symbol or seal then the pentagram, which embodies much in the way of spiritual power. This Jeweled Celtic Pentagram Necklace merges crystal with that design to make something both potent and appealing. The combination is, all in all, a success, as this pendant is a first-rate little charm that embodies all the mystic appeal of the pentagram, as well as all the design of an attractive personal accessory. Crafted entirely from fine, lead-free pewter, this pendant features Celtic knots all along its ring, as well as five pale blue Swarovski crystals, which are interspersed between the pentagram’s five elemental points. At the center of the design is a greater, dark blue crystal. The pendant also includes a matching chain necklace, as well as a jewelry box for safe and easy storage. Distinctive and unique, this Jeweled Celtic Pentagram Necklace serves well as a powerful talisman as well as a stunning accent, one that will entrance those who see it by its very beauty alone.

Key Features
From the Nordic Lights Collection of Viking and Celtic Jewelry
Crafted in Fine Lead Free Pewter Metal
A Stylized Re-Imagining of the Classic Pentagram Design
Pendant Features Celtic Knot Designs and Swarovski Crystal Accents
Possesses an Impressive Level of Detailing
Comes with a Chain Necklace and a Jewelry Box

Additional information

Weight210 g