SUPER SEVEN Magical Super-7 ( sacred 7 or Melody Stone) Crystal sterling silver RING size 8 ( R ) LARGE SETTING

SUPER SEVEN Magical Super-7 ( sacred 7 or Melody Stone) Crystal sterling silver RING size 8 ( R ) LARGE SETTING
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SUPER SEVEN Magical Super-7 ( sacred 7 or Melody Stone) Crystal sterling silver RING size 8 R
Sterling silver Super Seven stone large Square Carbon stone, ring silze is size 8 or R, the stone measures 22mm x 20mm

This gorgeous Carbon setting has a prism of a rainbow colours through out it that can not go unnoticed, his is one of the most gorgeous stones I have seen
Superbly made Pendant packs quite a punch. These are top quality jewellery store item. Sterling silver . the stones are very magical and stunning to look at.  ( please note they are the same pendant in each pic as you will receive and the pics are all of the one pendant but in different lights they look slightly darker or lighter, depending how light catches them)
these are rare and hard to come by and normally sell at over $200
Super Seven ( super 7 ) Melody Stone ) Healing MEANING and properties
Wonderful things have been said about the Super Seven Crystal, the most impressive being that it represents the universal brotherhood of humanity!!
Super Seven is a rather interesting crystal, also known as Sacred Seven and Melody’s Stone. Although not always visible a piece of Super Seven retains all the properties of Amethyst, Clear Quartz. Smoky Quartz, Cacoxenite, Rutile, Geothite and Lepidocrocite combined. This is part of what makes this stone so desirable. All of these minerals are present in the stone, even if the piece does not visibly show. It is one of the few stones that retain their energy and clarity and never needs cleansing or energizing!!
Super Seven combine the spiritual and protective qualities of Amethyst, the cleansing and grounding ability of Smokey Quartz and the energy – amplifying properties of Quartz with Rutile, Goethite, Lepidocrocite and Conconxenite. The smallest piece of Super Seven carries the vibration of the whole, whether or not all the minerals are present, reminding that you are a child of earth and the stars.
Spiritually, this high- vibration stone is a spiritual powerhouse with exceptional clarity. Said to be shifting the vibratory level of the planet and everything upon it, it brings the Aquarian Age..
This stone supports and heighten the vibration of other crystals in its vicinity.
Emotionally, this is a soothing and nurturing crystal.
Healing ; Extremely useful for harmonizing the body, stimulating the body’s natural healing system and healing the cellular memory. It supports the immune system, skin and bones.
Because the Super Seven opens up all the senses and helps one to see auras it is considered and important stone for stimulating and developing all types of psychic abilities, including telepathy, clairvoyance, clairvoyance, channelling, telekinesis and others
This gem represents all elements (or Akasha which is the combination of Earth, Air, Fire and Water). It helps to harmonize all the Chakra. It is a powerful stone for healing the earth, mind body and spirit disease. The very nature of the stone means that it is not associated with any one chakra; instead it is fantastic at healing, balancing and energizing all seven charkras, (hence the name Super Seven).
This stone is an all around healer that operates on a spiritual level. It affects your entire body and helps you to feel more at home in your own skin. It promotes peace and love. This gem also helps you to understand yourself and your path in life so you can act rather than react and be yourself in any situation.
To obtain an understanding of this crystal lets look at each of the mineral inclusions separately.

Amethyst is created from trace amounts of iron and aluminium naturally irradiated within quartz. Amethyst gives quartz that delightful translucent purple colour. Amethyst is a crystal of transformation, fostering spiritual growth and connection with higher states of consciousness.

Smokey quartz is formed from the natural irradiation within the Earth, giving the crystal a ‘smokey’ brown tinge ranging from light tan through to the deepest of black-browns. Smokey quartz is grounding and at the same time energising and clearing of our entire energy field.

Rutile is a titanium oxide mineral often found in quartz and is a strong conductor and amplifier of energy. Rutile opens your awareness to multi-dimensional states of being, hence bring consciousness awareness to your own natural clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities.

Cacoxenite forms in very minute tufts of yellowy-brown minerals. The inclusion takes the frequency of a crystal to a higher level of resonance, accelerating the energetic ‘purpose’ of a crystal. I refer to Cacoxenite as an ‘awakener’, for it opens people up to the infinite field of intelligence that links all of creation, and in this awakened state problems no longer exist, there are only solutions and enlightened ways of creating peace and harmony on Earth.

Goethite is an iron hydroxide mineral, found widely around the world. The mineral holds the template of the Earth’s evolutionary story, from inception through to seeding from various star systems through to our current and potential future reality. It is one of the primary crystals used for holographic re-patterning – transforming old unconscious beliefs into new vibrations consistent with your conscious awakened desires / gifts / higher purpose.

Lepidocrocite is an iron hydroxide mineral that forms as a secondary mineral with Goethite, and gives a reddish-brown hue to quartz. Lepidocrocite aligns, harmonises and anchors the energetic bodies facilitating an honouring of the Soul’s physical experience here on Earth with grace and ease.

Finally Clear Quartz, which is silica dioxide, forms the substrate that houses the other minerals. Clear Quartz is the premier crystal for embracing your soul’s highest purpose and being a vessel of divine service here on Earth.

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