Rose Quartz STERLING SILVER Ring size 6

Rose Quartz STERLING SILVER Ring size 6

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Rose Quartz STERLING SILVER Ring size 6

Rose quartz meaning is love and is often referred to as the the stone of universal love. It helps bring trust and harmony into relationships and helps balance emotions. This is a stone that brings happiness to the owner.

Rose quartz crystals have properties that promote self-love, nurturing and romantic love as well as platonic love and love between friends or siblings. By increasing personal awareness the quartz gives energy to the wearer to allow for love, self-forgiveness and to heal negativity such as anger and resentment.

Rose quartz meaning is about bringing kindness, patience and gentleness to others as well as its self healing properties with trauma, agony or broken hearts.

Rose quartz meaning is all about loving yourself and feeling an increase in self-worth and self-esteem. This allows the owner to release negative energy and negative thoughts and generally be open to all types of love.

Rose quartz rocks are normally a pale pink to a red hue in colour. It is rarely found in its crystal form and was first discovered in Brazil. Rose quartz is still found in India, Brazil, and the US.

Rose quartz healing properties are plentiful. They promote good heart health, improve the circulatory system and are associated with the heart chakra. Rose quartz also help alleviate kidney and spleen issues, lessen migraines and headaches, improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles and the signs of aging. For best results, the rose quartz stones are best worn close to the heart, this can be worn as a quartz pendant.

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