Tigers Eye Sterling Silver Pendant

Tigers Eye Sterling Silver Pendant

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Tigers Eye Sterling Silver Pendant

approx 47mm in length

Tiger Eye or Tiger’s Eye is an iridescent gemstone. The name itself means a significance characteristic of a tiger. A tiger is known to be focused, has strong determination and it is patient. A tiger concentrates on its desires. He longs to attain it no matter how high the destination it may be. Its determination never ceases that it can pursue almost impossible dreams. Its patience adds to its significant characteristic. A tiger will really wait even if an opportunity takes days to come.
Hence, wearing this gemstone, one can acquire these characteristics. When one waits patiently, he can reach his goal at the right time. With correct focus, one can also achieve what he is longing for in life. Apart from the two, determination is necessary as there will be challenges along the way. But with determination, one will surely succeed.
The wearer of Tiger Eye can attract good fortune. Apart from this, it is also a famous gem that restores balance and provides therapeutic touch. It has an excellent ability to heal individuals who are suffering from their emotions, anxious and unstable state of being, those who are in fear and worries, clouded and confused mind, depressed people, and those who have ADD.
With its presence, it can draw courage and power to fight any negative energy. The wearer will be able to see clearly what is needed for him to act with confidence and without being illusionary with life’s realities. It can also pacify one’s heart and this brings a sense of healthy well being. Also, harmony is restored in one’s mind, body and spirit.
Gem for Meditation
It is an effective gemstone for meditation. During meditation, one has to be in total concentration. Wearing this gemstone, one can achieve proper focus that allows the mind to be in a state of equilibrium. One’s energy during meditation is not diverted or mixed with lower state of energy. Thus, one can fully maximize the result of meditation. Yes, it can sooth one’s heart but aside from this, in meditative mood, one can bring total focus of a busy mind into a state of inner relaxation.
The different colors of Tiger Eye are blue, gold and red.  When a tiger’s eye is hit by light at night time, these three colors flash and this perfect combination of colors capture a good aura. Gold aura is brightness, red aura is heart circulation and blue aura means high spiritual nature. Hence, place this gem anywhere in room when you practice meditation.
Wealth Attraction
Tiger Eye has a strong power to draw the energy of money. One has to hold the gemstone towards the moon. This is necessary whenever the moon is in its fullest. As one is holding it under the full moonlight, ask the moon to bless it so that money will become abundant in life.
While having necessary attainments that draw money or any type of wealth, the tiger’s eye has the ability to prevent the person from being abusive.


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