AMETHYST PINK sterling Silver Faceted gemstone Pendant

AMETHYST PINK sterling Silver Faceted gemstone Pendant
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Pink AMETHYST sterling Silver Pendant


approx 3.3cm (1/12 inches)

Gorgeous Lavender pink coloured Amethyst Faceted stone

amethyst is looked upon as meditative and soothing jewellery  Fostering virtues like calm, balance, peace, and endurance is one of the key directions in which amethyst works. People who combat tough times while tackling legal and financial issues, this gemstone is recommended for them to wear as it leads to success, and satiation. What’s more, amethyst has strong effects on people who are emotionally distressed, and have experienced huge losses in life. A promising gemstone, amethyst brings happiness and satisfaction to whoever dons it. Most importantly, amethyst is one of the key gemstones that, when worn, combat tear-jerking addictions and compulsive behaviour such as drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc.

On physical obverse, amethyst is conceived as religious jewellery  being a strong healer of headaches, insomnia, diabetes, and arthritis that it is. It also works positively upon fatigue, pregnancy, deficiencies, and other generic health problems. And yes, finally, we have a gemstone that has the power to protect us from thieves and robbers.
Pink Amethyst Meaning of this gemstone is often associated with love, harmony and endurance.

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