Alchemy GOTHIC DRAGON Starchaser Ring

Alchemy GOTHIC DRAGON Starchaser Ring

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This Alchemy ring is Gliding gracefully between the clouds, the fantastical creature flies to catch the stars from the sky.Twisting and swirling through the skies, this magnificent dragon captures a glowing green gem in his jaw as he earns his name as starchaser.

( Size Adjustable ) comes in 2 size L – N and Q-T but still adjustable around these sizes a little

Make a large statement in this Dramatic Hand-spacer ring. This spati-style ring loops under the finger, leaving the dragon to coil sinuously over three fingers of the hand. Measuring 2.3 inches (6cm) from head to tail and  1.1 inches (3 cm) across the wing-span, the ring holds a jewel measuring 0.2 inches (0.5cm) in diameter

Alchemy rings are hand cast and made in England from fine English pewter and in many cases, including other high quality materials and finishes.

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