Mythic Celts Call of Annwn – For Spiritual Abundance Wolf Pendant Necklace

Mythic Celts Call of Annwn – For Spiritual Abundance Wolf Pendant Necklace
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Mythic Celts Call of Annwn Wolf Pendant Necklace

Come with us now on a journey through legends and mystery, to the world of the Mythic Celts. Here you will find classic Celtic designs with a taste of Wicca and ancient mythology.

Annwn, Annwfn, or Annwfyn, is the Otherworld in Welsh mythology. Ruled by Arawn (or, in Arthurian literature, by Gwyn ap Nudd), it was essentially a world of delights and eternal youth where disease is absent and food is ever-abundant and is guarded by its fiercely loyal Wolf companion.

The Otherworld is usually elusive, but various mythical heroes visit it either by chance or after being invited by one of its residents. They often reach it by entering ancient burial mounds or caves, or by going under water or across the western sea. Sometimes, the Otherworld is said to exist alongside our own and intrudes into this one; signaled by phenomena such as magic mist, sudden changes in the weather, or the appearance of divine beings or unusual animals. An otherworldly woman may invite the hero into the Otherworld by offering an apple or a silver apple branch, or a ball of thread to follow as it unwinds.

Presented in a Satin Pouch Pendant 50mm x 42mm.

Each piece has an individual provenance and is made of allergen-free zinc alloy. These pendants are presented in a purple satin gift pouch, with an 18″ silver chain included.
Designed by the young artist of promise Lauren de Lacey and professionally crafted and molded by Briar. All pendants are made of lead and nickel free zinc alloy, some embellished with gold colour plating, crystals, and enamel

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