Silver love Pendulum

Silver love Pendulum
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Silver love Pendulum
This beautifully shaped and weighted pendulum is made of brass with white bronze plating. A ball chain about 5 inches in length connects the pendulum bob to a pentacle to easily hold it for divination use.
The Love Pendulum will give you amazingly accurate answers to your questions about love. Finely tuned from brass and coated with white bronze, it is perfectly balanced for you to tune in with your psyche to help give you the answers to your questions
Comes with the Love and Oracle Chart. The Love Chart has been specially designed to answer questions of the heart that you may never otherwise know! Does she fancy me? How can I find Mr/Mrs right? Is my partner good for me? Beware! Make sure you really want to know the answer as your Higher Self will speak the truth and is rarely wrong. The Oracle Chart can be used to answer any questions requiring a yes/no answer on almost any topic. By phrasing your questions carefully you will be able to obtain very detailed information.
Pendulum is made of brass with white bronze plating. Size: Plastic box – 3″ x 3″ x 1″; Pendulum – approximately 1?”; Chain – approximately 5″.

Pendulum – approximately 1¼ inches. Chain – approximately 5 inches.

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