Lisa Parker Glasses Case Sacred Love, Unicorn

Lisa Parker Glasses Case Sacred Love, Unicorn
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Lisa Parker Glasses Case Sacred Unicorn
Glasses case, for reading glasses or sunglasses or what ever else you can fit, stunning gorgeous design from Lisa parker. Keep your glasses safe.
SACRED LOVE depicts Two white unicorns gaze into each other’s eyes – a mare and her foal. As they touch noses lovingly, the tips of their spiraling horns light up. Behind them, a magical forest can be indistinctly made out in the night.
. there is also a small print on back
measure 16.5cms x 6cms x 2.5cms, are very strong and have a velvet feel interior.
A perfect gift for anyone.
We have a A beautiful assortment of glasses cases with designs from the top fantasy artist Lisa Parker.
Choose either…..
Quiet Reflection (Wolf)
Heart of the Storm (Owl)
A brush with magic (Black Cat)
Sacred Love (Unicorn)
Dimensions: H:3.50cm x W:6.00cm x D:16.00cm

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Weight200 g


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