Enslaved Angel – Gothic Weeping Angel Water glass / Drinking Glasses Set of 2

Enslaved Angel – Gothic Weeping Angel Water glass / Drinking Glasses Set of 2
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Do not be a slave to traditional glassware and boring drinking glasses. Instead, spruce up your drinkware with a few stylish glasses, like these Enslaved Angel Glasses, which puts some real gothic style at your fingertips and in your cupboard. These impressive glasses are sold as a pair, with each one being related to the other in terms of design. Both depicted fallen angels, although both depict the angel in a different pose. One glass depicts the angel from the side, as she sits with her kneels drawn up and her head down, while her brilliant white wings are extended out behind her. The other glass depicts a similar position, only this time, the angel faces outward and sits with her head on her knees, while her white wings seem to curl up around her at her sides. The glasses are traditionally shaped, featuring a slight taper in their design, as well as a rounded, slightly bulb-shaped base for solid support when you set them down. Each glass stands approximately 14.3cm tall and has a diameter of 6cm. Never again do you have to drink from plain old glasses, not while these Enslaved Angel Glasses are available.

  • 2 glass boxed set – one of the angel from the front with wings folded down, and one from the side with wings raised

  • Not suitable for dishwasher or microwave due to pattern.

Set of 2 Enslaved Angel Water Glasses.

Gorgeous Gothic themed glassware

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