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  • Dragon Sanctuary Embossed Journal

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    From the master of Gothic Fantasy James Ryman, this high-quality alternative journal.  Standing on a stone terrace, this chestnut-haired angel has her deep purple wings unfurled behind her. Sitting next to her is a regal purple Dragon, sitting up with their tail curled around her. She hugs them tenderly, eyes closed as they lean in. The Dragon sanctuary is illuminated by an enchanted lamp with purple roses scattered around it, and in the skies another Dragon soars majestically. This portable journal is made of high-quality paper and has a purple ribbon to keep your place when writing mystical stories of Dark Angels and their Dragon protectors.

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  • Dance With Death Figurine by Anne Stokes

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    From the imagination of world-famous Anne Stokes comes this enchanting Gothic figurine. Entwined with the angel of death in a grim fandango, a young woman wearing a venetian masque holds his hand and spins into him lovingly, her auburn hair flowing behind her as his wings envelop her. A perfect reminder of the intricate and delicate dance between life and death that ensnares us all, this beautiful Gothic figurine is cast in the finest high-quality resin. Bring a piece of Anne Stokes’ dark imagination to your home, or make it a gift for the thoughtful loved one in your life

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  • Fates Reflection by Luna Lakota

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    This dark Fantasy-inspired figurine is a Gothic reminder of the futility of vanity in the face of eternity. Made from the highest-quality resin and hand-painted, a young black-winged angel is depicted kneeling before a mirror, only to find the face of the Grim Reaper staring back at her. This item can be a fantastic conversation piece, spurring philosophical discussions about the nature of life in your living room. A perfect present for the deep thinker in your life

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  • The Blessing Figurine by Anne Stokes

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    Coming from the enchanted imagination of magically talented Gothic and Fantasy artist Anne Stokes, comes this beautiful angel figurine. On a floor checked with black and white tiles, an angel dressed in white kneels on one knee, white feathery wings outstretched behind her. Her long white robes flow down to the ground as she looks up, raven hair falling over her shoulders. In her hands, she grasps a plain iron sword by the blade as she holds the hilt up in supplication, looking up to the being she is swearing fealty to. Cast in the finest resin before being lovingly hand-painted, this magical statuette is a fantastic addition to any mantelpiece.

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