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Hi and welcome

We are an internet busniess but have a small space for you to make an appointment to visit and view items for yourself. We are NOT A SHOP or have regular opening hours but require an appointment to visit. It is a factory space so it can occasionally be a little messy especially when many shipments are arriving at once. We do not have clothing on display and will need to know prior to what you would like to try on so we can find it for you. Most other items are on display for you to view. It is an open space at this stage so it can be cold in the cooler weather and hot in the warmer weather. You are most welcome to make an appointment to visit. You are more than welcome to place an order and arrange a pick up also.  Blessings

Lees Dragon Dreams

Lee’s Dragon

It is time to awaken
your sleeping dragon

Styles and Fashion

Romantic Gothic, Gypsy,
Medieval, Fairy, Goddess
Clothing to Suit All Ages