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Lee's Dragon Dreams will be closed from April 3rd until April 17th

PLEASE NOTE NO ITEMS WILL BE POSTED IN THIS TIME. Messages maybe take a little longer to be responded to but will be responded to asap.

Orders placed in this time will start being sent out on the 17th of APRIL 2015 and completed by the 20th April, as many as possible will be done on the 17th, and then completed on the 20th, sorry for this delay and thank you for your understanding.

Lee's Dragon dreams is out of the country in this time so no phone calls will be accepted or returned in this time. Lee will be flying in to Melbourne early Friday the 17th on her Dragon and will sort through it all as quickly as humanly possible. xoxo

Lee’s Dragon

It is time to awaken
your sleeping dragon

Styles and Fashion

Romantic Gothic, Gypsy,
Medieval, Fairy, Goddess
Clothing to Suit All Ages